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Battery Supercharging IP

location_on West Midlands,

Petalite has invented a groundbreaking, patented technology to enable fast electric vehicle charging at a significantly lower cost and with higher reliability than competitors. This results in significant return on investment advantage for customers.

590.000 €


23.000 €

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location_on Queensland,

Equity in high growth healthcare org + marketing their service for passive income; 187% rise in value in 6mths; Projecting member base of 80k+ members by 2021 and 13x return; Cross exp team of 30+ yrs; Targeting $500k+ funding; Already raised $300k+

300.000 €


3.000 €

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Artificial Intelligence

location_on Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Natasha is the first co-pilot for gamers. We will launch our first game in North America with Natasha in 6-8 months and she will grow quickly beyond that . www.natasha-ai.com we will have a new interactive video in two months

5.900.000 €


11.000 €

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Cannabinoid Biotechnology

location_on États-Unis

Emerald Health Pharmaceuticals; a biotech company entering Phase 2 human studies with patented unique cannabinoid science & technology focused on diseases like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease; 180+ yrs mgt-team experience; $16M raised.

9.200.000 €


4.600 €

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location_on Suisse

INITIUM Group: building a new bank group in multiple jurisdictions for firms operating in the digital economy; Financial & business planning conducted & validated by a third party; Featured 200+ times by global publications, reaching 170 mn+ readers.

6.400.000 €


92.000 €

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Walliance Corp

location_on Congo

Walliance Corp. A Neo-Bank providing innovative financial solutions to help people with e-commerce, e-business & more; Website Launched; Positive Customer Feedback; $ 50,000 monthly incomes; Ranked 4th out of 490 Total Startup Awards (February 2019)

300.000 €


300 €

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Asset Rental Finance

location_on KwaZulu-Natal, Afrique du Sud

Visionwork Capital - An asset rental finance management company providing equipment rental finance. Assisted 90 + businesses in Rental Finance transactions; Transactions backed by income-generating assets.

3.000.000 €


61.000 €

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72% Investi

Uva Rideshare

location_on Greater London, Royaume-Uni

Uva Rideshare; A 'partner share economy' company; Completed Legal & Commercial structure; Licensed for 10000 Drivers; Licensed/full ownership & well-engineered app; Positive feedback from Drivers/Passengers; Equity offered 7.5 % remaining £1.0mln

4.100.000 €


110.000 €

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17% Investi

MyCLNQ-Digital Health

location_on Singapore, Singapour

MyCLNQ-"Connecting all your Healthcare needs" An unique one stop solution for betterment of community. MyCLNQ has automated booking system for medical appointments; Non-Emergency Medical Transport booking; Marketplace for medical equipment/produc...

650.000 €


65.000 €

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